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Wally Gibbons wally at MINDY.SYS.SDL.USU.EDU
Mon Aug 4 17:45:49 EDT 1997


Decided I need more room, rather than the following stuff. Had a R-390A come
in and stuff has got to go out to compensate....

Two Lafayette KT-200. These are a clone of the hallicrafter S38 (I think). One
works, the other is a parts set for the first. Both are complete. Have a copy
of the non-kit version, an HE-10. $60.00 plus shipping for the pair.

Two Aerotron 5W10X. These are 2 meter AM radios, currently on 147.990.
(The channel they were put on when I got them). 10 watts, run off 120vac.
They work great. Find the vibrators and they will work on 6 and 12 volts too.
I have an original manual. These are "lunchbox" style radios. $60.00 plus
shipping for the pair.

Motorola 100 watt compa base station, currently on 36.4 mhz. Will go to ten
meters easily. Power suppy has 866 rectifiers, nice glow, when keyed.

Won't ship this thing. Will pull strips and ship them if needed. Have another
spare receiver and 60 watt transmitter strip, too. Any takers on this? Lets
talk offers or pickup (in which case it's free!!!).

Wally Gibbons, WB7ASQ
North Logan, UT  84341

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