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Dave gekko95 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Aug 5 13:05:43 EDT 1997

Hi all,

I am trying to come up with funds to acquire a portable
HF rig (soon) for camping.  I'd like to find an old
TS-520 w/12v option, or maybe an FT-101.  Nothing fancy -
just something I can run from the car battery to fiddle
with around the fire pit at a campground.  Maybe even
an Atlas 180 or 210, although nothing in them glows except
for the pilot light :)  I've tried my HW-7, but I don't
want to work that hard.  My portable dipole is rarely
an efficient radiator in a campground, and I'm not after
any awards.  Just QSO's!

First off, if anyone has the above and wants to trade for
any of the following, LET ME KNOW!!  I would MUCH prefer
a trade with several items going to one person, than
have to ship boatanchors all over the country (USPO, of
course :)  I will wait a day or two to see if someone comes
forward wanting a number of the items, or better still has
a trade in mind.

Here's what I'm willing (not very) to part with to make
this happen.  Please don't shoot me if my prices seem
wacky.  I'm only going by what I've seen here and in other
such groups.

For sale (or trade):

        Heathkit DX-40 - works great - very nice
           physical condition.  Original - no
           mods.  Missing crystal cover.  I've
           worked over 30 states with it in the
           past 6 months, but the novelty has kinda
           worn off.                                 $75

        Hallicrafters S41G - unusual radio. looks
           alot like an Ecophone.  All there and
           seems to be original in every way.
           Works, but needs TLC                      $45

        Hammarlund HQ-100AC with working clock.
           Very nice - slight fading of front
           panel, but still very nice.  I use it
           all the time for local broadcast
           monitoring with a big bassy speaker.      $125

        Globe Scout 680A - fair condition.  Some
           light surface rust on outer case. Face
           is good, with original knobs.  Not a
           mint copy, but works and is in pretty
           decent shape electrically.                $65 (what I paid for it)

        Heathkit VF-1 VFO.  Bought this to go with
           my DX-40, but never got around to wiring
           the octal plug.  I am told it works, but
           have never used it.                       $45 (what I paid for it)

        Heathkit SB-300 receiver - works great. Looks
           good.  I have a 301 so this is surplus    $150

        Heathkit SB-400 transmitter.  Works, but
           cabinet has been repainted a slightly
           different green than original.            $100

        Heathkit HW-32(non A) 20 meter SSB mono-
           bander.  Have never put on the air since
           my HP23's all have the 11 pin plug and
           this takes the 8-pin version.  Was told
           it works, but have never verified that.
           Not mint - 5+ on a scale of 10. Looks
           pretty  nice, tho.                        $40

        Drake 2C receiver.  Hate to sell this! I
           have used this for a zillion QSO's, and
           only retired it when I bought my R4B.
           One of my favorite all-time receivers,
           so the price reflects my disinterest
           in selling :) Works extremely well on
           all bands.  Good physical condition. Only
           glitch is that now and then, it quits for
           a second and a light tap on the function
           switch wakes it up.  Never bugged me enuf
           to fix.  Just a dirty contact, I am sure.  $135

        Non-boatanchor stuff (forgive me):

        Realistic DX-302 receiver -works great       $75

        DeVry Tube Amplifier - portable WWII
           era - used with a movie projector.
           Near mint condition - collector
           quality.  email for full details          $165

        Samson 200mhz wireless microhphone
           with lapel clip-on mic.  Pro-audio
           grade.  Email for full details.
           As new with box/packing. email for
           full details                             $150 ea (have 2)

All items PLUS shipping (USPO), unless I get lucky and find
a trade for the rig I am seeking.  Then we'd swap shipping.

I will respond to all requests and maintain a 'first come' list,
but I will hold out for a few days for a 520/101 trade or
someone who wants several items.  Please forgive my seeming
arrogance - I am just dreading the packing and shipping of
all this stuff, and I only want to sell enuf to accomplish my
goal.  I bought all these rigs to keep 'forever' - you know the

Sorry for the long post.

Take care all, and best of 73,

Tacoma, WA

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