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Brian Carling bry at MNSINC.COM
Tue Aug 12 08:48:32 EDT 1997

Well Rich, you know some DYNAMIC mikes sound really good
and there are nowadays a lot of electret mics that sound pretty
decent too. We will have to leave it to the experts to explain the
advantages & disadvantages of each for us.

Have you  looked at recet ARRL Handbooks for information?

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glowingspitzensparkenfirebottleetherburners at the fore!


On  9 Aug 97 at 13:53, Richard Wilkerson wrote:

> Ok.. I need some help.  I know nothing of Mic elements, what is the
> difference between a crystal and ceramic??  I have an old DX-40 which I
> would like to put a mic to and why not make one?   Thanks.......rich
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