Rotary Switch Madness Sale

Tom Norris badger at TELALINK.NET
Wed Aug 13 08:40:16 EDT 1997

>>The only "madness" in your "Rotary Switch Madness Sale"
>>is the inane concept that you can get those prices.

In defense of Chris, and at the risk of drawing flames myself,
I just recently bought some of those same part numbers locally
for my company's stock. I can attest that Chris is offering them
for at the very least one third of the retail price, some of his prices
are even better than that.

Nope, he isnt selling htem at Digi-Key prices, or Mouser, or whatever
you may be using as a comparison, but the prices are not that bad, honest.
I buys several hundred dollars of similar switch parts a year for various
at work, an pay much much more pricewise.

My other comment is that if the price is too high, no one is forcing you to
them from Chris! He was jsut offering a list of parts, take them or leave
Nowhere in his posting did he commmand that all shall buy from him. (insert
smiley here)

Just my 2 cents guys.

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