Brian Carling bry at MNSINC.COM
Thu Aug 14 07:14:13 EDT 1997

On 12 Aug 97 at 8:41, Brian Carling wrote:

> Anyone want to hear my VALIANT?? I should have it fired up this
> weekend and blow away the contenders for 7050 (grin!)
> Bry, AF4K
> The bands are hot, the bottles they be a' glowin' brightly, an' the
> regeneration be on the ragged edge!  Grapples ye up yer tin cans atops
> yer noggins, an readys ye yer keys and yer
> glowingspitzensparkenfirebottleetherburners at the fore!

Well, I got on with the Valiant the evening before last and had a
coupe of VERY solid QSOs even through the muck and mire and QRN on

I called CQ for about 15 minutes and then got WA3VJB over in

He was running an FT-101 with external audio into the LINE input
for the phone patch audio. This was driving a pair of special 4-400
type tubes in a linear amp at about 200 W, and boy did he sound good!

59 + 20 dog biscuits in both directions, and a very friendly chat
ensued. This was on 3880 kHz. I later worked a couple of other guys
up in 2-land.

Come on all your boat anchorists and Glowbuggists - get those
fire-bottles a cooking!

Bry, AF4K

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