Four SB-10s to Sell or Trade

Gary Harmon gharmon at TXDIRECT.NET
Tue Aug 19 22:08:02 EDT 1997

Why do I have six (6) SB-10 SSB adapters I keep asking myself.  Didn't have a
good answer so four (4) must go.  I'm keeping the 2 best for my Apache and
DX-100 (don't fuss cause you would do the same).  The remaining can be
described as follows:

Original knobs
A couple have small meter cracks
Cases have assorted scratches
Manual copy or manual for you to copy and return
No interconnecting cables

$50 ea plus postage or interesting trade.  They are untested but I'll
they have no major problems.  If one is acquired and subsequently
identified as unfixable, I'll gladly refund the purchase price.

If you need additional information send me an e-mail.

Best 73,

Gary H. Harmon, Jr., K5JWK
6302 Robin Forest
San Antonio, TX 78239-3218
(210) 657-1549
gharmon at

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