FS:Cabinet for Knight-Kit "Space Spanner" receiver

John E. Vercellino jvercellino at SPRYNET.COM
Wed Aug 20 08:58:32 EDT 1997

I have an extra cabinet for a Knight-Kit "Space Spanner" receiver.  I would
rate it a 6 on a 10 scale.  The cabinet is covered with a light grey leatherette
and outside of corner wear, there are no tears.

There are two holes in one side which appeared to be for some screws, and there
are three half-inch holes on the back which have been filled.

$10 plus shipping from 60516-3114 or trade for Knight-kit or Allied Radio
stuff.  Contact me at jvercellino at sprynet.com.

73, John        WB9OVV

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