Info request - Hamm. SP-600

John Mitchell jbmitch at VT.EDU
Tue Aug 19 10:26:34 EDT 1997


Having just joined this listserv, I hope I am not abusing proper protocol by
forwarding my own usenet post originally posted to asking for more information about a recently
acquired SP-600.  I figure this forum must be a good source for answers to
my questions, and that not all here read the usenet RRAE I posted to earlier.

Thanks in advance for any help.  And, if you want to reply to my email, I
would be happy to summarize all info received and repost for the group, if
there is interest.

John K4IQ
>I recently acquired a SP-600 and am looking for info from those who are
>familiar with this old boatanchor.  I looked for the "boatanchors" newsgroup
>to post this in, but it is no longer in my list of groups, so maybe it has
>gone away?
>Questions: What is the significance of the two numbers following the JX in the
>inside label?  Mine is a JX-37, and some friends think it may be one of the
>latest models manufactured.  Anyone know more about this?
>The antenna jack uses an unusual SO-239-like device that has two, rather than
>one, center conductor.  An old ad for the radio mentions "diversity" receiving
>capabilities.  Is this related to the unusual jack, and how does it work?
>I would also be interested in modifications for performance, stability, etc.,
>that may be extant.
>Any source for a usable rack mount cabinet in good condition would be
> John K4IQ

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