Cabinets for the R-390...

John Mitchell jbmitch at VT.EDU
Wed Aug 20 18:43:47 EDT 1997

At 02:53 PM 8/21/97 -0700, Ken Gordon wrote:
>Were there ever such things ? Will the Premier Metal Products cabinet for
>the SP-600 work for the R-390 ? Is it un-necessarily deep ?
>Just got all the remaining tubes necessary for getting my R-390 operating
>again. Still need some tube shields.  Found the top and bottom covers for
>it in one of the junk rooms here at the U. of I. too!
>Ken W7EKB

Hi Ken,

The SP-600 rack model is spec'ed at 19"X10.5"HX16.5"Deep.  The Cabinet
supplied by Hammarlund was 21.5X12.75X17.25.  The Premier cabinet that is
closest to that size measures 21.75X12.25X18, so there will be about .75"
excess depth for an SP-600, all other things being equal.

Shouldn't present too much of a problem, imo.



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