Cabinets for the R-390...

Sat Aug 23 16:09:14 EDT 1997

Hi Ken and the Bunch:

Just a note on use of tube shields in the R390/390.  I've been doing
maintenance on
these beauties for 30 years I speak from a "Mat Man"s point of
Unless you are bent on having the rcvr be 100% original, I'd leave the
sheilds off of
most of the tubes, except the rf stages, mixer and high freq IF's.  All
they do is reflect
heat back into the tube structure and cook the life out of it.  A great
substitute is the
IERC shields that are still available out in the real world, and they
work well drawing
heat away from the tubes.

So....just a thought for your consideration.  Have a ball with that
BA...I've got 2 in
my main comm bay and run'em in the Winter when it's not so hot in the

Doug, K7YD

Ken Gordon wrote:

> Were there ever such things ? Will the Premier Metal Products cabinet
> for
> the SP-600 work for the R-390 ? Is it un-necessarily deep ?
> Just got all the remaining tubes necessary for getting my R-390
> operating
> again. Still need some tube shields.  Found the top and bottom covers
> for
> it in one of the junk rooms here at the U. of I. too!
> Ken W7EKB

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