Things are rolling and Re: Glowbugs

Jan Axing janax at LI.ICL.SE
Sun Aug 24 10:38:12 EDT 1997

Brian Carling wrote:

> Does anyone have any idea what has happened to GLOWBUGS??

Well, the last message I got from the Glowbugs list is dated
Aug 14... I've CC:ed to the Glowbugs just for test.

Vacations, new jobs, whatever. Perhaps we can hitch-hike on
this list for a while?

Anyway, after some repairs on my Heath SB-301/SB-401 line I
went on air with them yesterday and they are working FB.
A hint for owners of unsteady Heath LMO's: clean the area
where the ground contact spring makes contact with the rotor
on the variable capacitor. I used kerosene...
Another hint for owners of dead or intermittent Heath meters:
Check all solder joints on the movement.

Time has come to work on my GEC BRT400 receiver now, an RX
noone seem to know much about...


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