Robert Fowle hammarlund at JACKSONMI.COM
Sun Aug 24 16:34:57 EDT 1997

well just wanted to share my good fortune with you all.
today my new toys arrived..via a friend ...delivery
toy 1. a collins 212S-1 stero broadcast console..cir. 1967
R.E.  ..has provisions for:
10 local stereo inputs, 1 network input, & 4 stereo remote inputs.
150/600 ohm output, 10 watt monitor amp, cue, control relays, &
intercommunication system incorporated...
even came with original manual..
needs usual cleanning...very nice potenial tho...
size: 37 3/16" wide x 17 13/16" footprint x 14 1/2" top
weight:HEAVY! took 2 of us to carry it...

toy 2.  an LPB Signiture S-15 8 channel console..cir 1973
has provissions for:
4 or more mic inputs, 15 hi level inputs, equalized gain in program &
audition, remote line talk-back, 3 OTA light & speaker muting relays
size: 32" W X 14.5" D X 9" H
WEIGHT: heavy, but nothing compared to the Collins...I carried it alone.
oh, it also has original manual...
it looks suspicously like RCA, it uses thier knobs, and they are
original according to pic in manual..
now, all i need is to gather the rest of what i need to put a real (low
power) BC station on the air...(no license required if below 100 watts
according to new ruling by FCC..just need to find out in what band(s) or
segments of..

Best Regards    Robert Fowle      KC8DBC
my shipping address is: 1215 Winifred..Jackson, Mich. 49202-1946
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