TS-520 SOS

Adam McLaughlin kd6poc at JPS.NET
Thu Aug 28 22:23:30 EDT 1997

Hi BA fans,

I know this radio isn't exactly a boatanchor, but it needs to be fixed
quickly so it can be used by a new general on the air.

I am hoping I can find someone on the list who is famiar with these radios
to give me a suggestion and help me put this new 16 year old general on the air.

I have here a TS-520 that has one major problem. The receiver alignments
seem to have no affect whatsoever. On 80 meters though, the radio works like
a dream.

On 40 meters, the sensitivity is down from the 80 meter level but you can
tune in weak stations by pulling the slugs out of the ANT and mixer coils
for that band and un-meshing the drive/preselect capacitors. This rememedy
seems to work for the bottom of the 40 meter band, but above 7.1 Mhz, you
can barely hear a thing. Sensitivity checks with the Calibrator and S-meter
also show that the radio is deaf.

The same problem exists on 20 meters, and it worsens as the frequency goes

The drive calibration is not affected at all. This is easily calibrated and
adjusted for full output, bo problem.

I have cleaned the bandswitch wafers many times with De-Oxit and it doens't
seem to help any.

When the new general had this radio at his house he said that sometimes the
band switch had no affect on the signal being heard. You could hear the same
signal at all bandswitch positions! I have yet to observe this, but I don't
doubt it. . . .

The crystal alignments for the bands also have little affect. The radio is
acting very peculiarly. . . .

Can anyone out there help? I want to get this new general out on the air as
soon as possible!

Maybe if someone also has a service manual for the TS-520 . . . .

Thanks and 73,

Adam McLaughlin KD6POC
QRG: 7037 Kcs & 7014 Kcs (DX Only)
kd6poc at jps.net

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