Globe Scout's missing inductor; free book

Jeffrey Herman jeffreyh at HAWAII.EDU
Fri Jul 4 17:57:47 EDT 1997

Hi Gang,
My $25 Globe Scout is missing the output inductor (manual calls it
the "L Matching Coil"; it's supposed to connect to the hot side
of the antenna terminal (an SO-239). The manual gives no value
for this coil. From the photo, it looks to be about 1" diameter,
about 3/4" in length and maybe 20T (photo is a little fuzzy).

If anyone's got a model 65A (the 160-10m model) could you measure
the actual diameter, length, and number of turns - I'll wind one my-

Free Book: 1951 copy of VERSALOG SLIDE RULE INSTRUCTIONS. Hardback, 116p,
near excellent condition. (You pay postage, okay?) Note: If you've got
a 160m CW xtal that you'd like to trade for this book I'll give you

73 es zut,
Jeff KH2PZ / KH6

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