Jeff's Globe Scout (fwd)

Jeffrey Herman jeffreyh at HAWAII.EDU
Sun Jul 6 20:20:39 EDT 1997

Continuing with the rebuilding of the Globe Scout xmtr, I note that
the broken fuse block has 3 leads, two of which have a 220K ohm
resistor across them. From what I can determine, two of the leads
are connected to one side of the fuse, the 3rd across the other.
That places this resistor in parallel with the fuse. This is not
shown on the schematic.

What is the purpose of this resistor?

So many changes have been made to this rig that it should no longer
be called a "Globe Scout."

Gang, please document any changes/mods you perform to *any* rig -
it will greatly assist a future owner.

73 from Hawaii, Jeff KH2PZ / KH7

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