B. Wanted to Buy:

Tue Jul 8 16:32:47 EDT 1997

I am a ham hobbyist, NOT a dealer. I do this for fun, not an
investment! I have a few things to sell/trade these days:

B. Wanted to Buy:

1. Allied SP-190 speaker (matches AX-190 and SX-190)

2. Looking for an FT-102 and/or any accessories,
   filters, options, etc for same. Working or not!

3. Collector of older RTTY terminal units looking
    for more to add to collection, including:
    IRL, Dovetron, Hal, Robot, Flesher, Frederick, etc

4. Looking for "select" older Yaesu "Fox Tango" equipment
   and accessories for same, filters, boards, speakers, VFOs,
   tuners, scopes, transverters, etc. Stations, estates, etc.
   Working or not!

1994 E Laguna Dr Tempe, Az 85282 (602)839-3484
  k7on at qsl.net >or< http://www.qsl.net/k7on

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