FWD: Military Radio Help needed

Terry L. Dobler kj7f at MICRON.NET
Wed Jul 9 17:52:13 EDT 1997


    Anyone here that can help Robert?   Please reply to him at
RBryson650 at AOL.com.

DEAR  SIR. i have a bc -348 in very good shape and i don't have
the dynamotor I would like to know where to get,or if i can power
without  the dynamotor and what voltage to use.  And where it goes
in at.  Also any information as to where I can get information on
a radio reciever and transmitter bc-669-C and power supply unit
pe-110-D history. and radio reciever R-45/arr-7. and also a Frequency
meter FR - 6/U.  And also a Signal generator SG - 3/U.  Also a BC925a
or BC923A Radio reciever.  Any information you could send me would
would be greatly appreciated.  These are part of my collection and I
would love to find out the history behind them.  Thank you in advance.
    Robert Bryson       RBryson650 at AOL.com

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