6AG7-Y used as a 6V6?

Brian Carling bry at MNSINC.COM
Thu Jul 10 08:28:46 EDT 1997

On  4 Jul 97 at 23:10, michael silva wrote:

> Jeff Herman wrote:
> >
> >More scouting within my Globe Scout shows a metal 6AG7-Y sitting
> >in the 6V6 socket (xtal oscillator). Is one a replacement for the
> >other?
> No, it's not a plug-in replacement, but in the application it's a
> better tube.  Somebody must've rewired the socket to take the 6AG7.
> 73,
> Mike, KK6GM

I am curious why you say the 6AG7 is a "better tube" than the 6V6.

If so, how come they weren't used more for speaker dirvers in
domestic radios etc.?

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