Heathkit Service Bulletins

Kenneth G Knight n0ygm at JUNO.COM
Thu Jul 10 10:59:43 EDT 1997

From: N0YGM
To: joelutz at JUNO.COM
Subject: Re: Heathkit Service Bulletins
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 00:40:11
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You ARE NOT wasting my time!  I appreciate your tremendous effort to
transcribe this bulletins.  I am archiving them for potential future use.

I am now collecting older Heathkit gear.  When I need a service bulletin
information, probably won't be able to find information.  But, I will be
able to refer back to my archive of your bulletin data that you spent
time and effort to transcribe and publish.

Please keep up the good Heathkit Service Bulletins transcription and
publication.  Thank you for your efforts!

Ken,  N0YGM--DM78ov
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