New net Freq

Adam Liette kb8ydx at GEOCITIES.COM
Mon Jul 14 13:46:59 EDT 1997

Hi all. Like Ken said, we could go to the extreme bottom abt 7105
and be pretty much free of QRM. There's uaually no one I can hear
below 7110. I'm hoping I can hear some of you on "my" old Tempo One.

This would be a good chance for me to work some of you and get some
practice in. I need to work at my speed. I have plenty of time.
Our next local session isn't till Nov.

Oh, talking abt the lower Novice band, Anyone worked KD4WUJ?
I'm REALLY wanting to work her. For those who don't know, it's
Country Music Artist Patty Loveless. She's usually on 7110
when available according to QST.

See Ya!

                        Adam Liette
                        IRC:Hammer, KB8YDX
                        E-Mail:kb8ydx at

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