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Lawrence R. Ware lrware at PIPELINE.COM
Wed Jul 16 17:11:08 EDT 1997

Good evening folks:
A project which I have been thinking about for some time has finally
reached near the top of my personal queue.

I'm going to try and write a history article about the National
NC-100 line and the many variations. (I know, *big* job :-)

As part of the information gathering stage, (the part I've been in
for too long already :-) I need access to somebodies QST, etc.
library. If we were just talking about an article or two, I'd
just ask for photocopies from my many list friends.
But I need more: ad's, reviews, reports, passing mention's, etc. etc.

So tonights requests:
1) If you live in the central Florida area, and would be willing to
allow me to study and photocopy parts of your old magazine collection,
I would *love* to hear from you.

I hope to hunt down most of what was written during the periods both
before and after WWII concerning this line of radios. Continuing
through the golden days of firebottle mil surplus, until the trail
peters out. I need access to someone's private library so I don't have to
ask the local county library to arrange an interlibrary loan of
every issue of QST from 1930 to 1955 or so... :-)
(I can hear the laughter already....)

2) If you own older National paper, especially catalogs from when National
sold these radios, I would be happy to pay all copying costs, mailing
costs and nuisance costs for the information.

Radios of interest include all the common NC-100 variants, and the
uncommon ones like the NC-120 and NC-127. I hope to include quite a
bit of information about many mil variants including: RAO's, RCP's,
RCL's, RCE's, R-115's, RAS's, NRCL's, well, you get the idea.

In return I can only offer a couple of things:
Credit for your contribution to this project.
A copy e-mailed to everyone who ask's. (When it's finally done. :-)
The chance to help preserve the history of a line of classic radios.

# Larry's Home for Wayward Test Equipment & Old Radios (tm)
# Let your equipment retire in sunny central Florida.
# Intensive Care, Private Bench Space, Frequent Use,
# Factory trained HP, Tek & Fluke Surgeon on staff.
# Good Home Guaranteed or double your junk back!
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