Report: on R-390/URR-R-390A/URR handbook (long)

Fred V. Bohner oranges at FRB.GOV
Thu Jul 17 16:12:45 EDT 1997

Hello BA'ers,
It finally came after more than a month and a half.

The R-390/URR-R-390A/URR handbook by Paolo Viappiani,
published by Editrice Il Rostro-Via B.Buozzi,5-20090
Segrate in Milan,Italy. the price is 35000 lire or
about $25.00 U.S. depending on the exchange rate,plus shipping.
It is about 6 1/2 by 9 1/2 inches and 144 pages in size.

The handbook deals with some of our favorite boatanchors
the R-390,-390A,-391,-725,and R-1247/GRC-129 family.
It covers who produced them, what tubes are inside, which
TM's cover what receiver, when they had an article in a
Ham magazine (US,UK,and Italian), what modification can
be done.

What did I think,even though I do not understand Italian,
I could get a lot of info from the handbook, most of the
photos and schematics are captioned in English.
A lot of the information sources (i.e.:Collins,QST,CQ,ER,HSN,
Army TM's) are known to all of us on the list,which helps with
the understanding also.

How do you get a copy, now this is the fun part.
If you understand Italian or French you can try calling
the publisher in Milan,Italy at 0039-2-2135366
( I tried this first, we never really understod what the
other was trying to say. So I did the next method)
The method that worked for me was, I typed in order

1 (1) R-390/URR R-390A/URR Handbook   Paolo Viappiani
2 My Name and Address

Then I faxed it to the publisher at their fax number
of 0039-2-2132869
A month and a half later, there we are in this weeks mail,
One more thing, the publisher wants payment after you have
recived the book in Lire, so you need to see if there is a
currency exchange service in your area.


Fred Bohner Arlington,VA.

Email address  is oranges at

P.s. for sale copy of Sunair GSR-920
   Operation and Maintenance manual
   $30.00 plus $3.00 Pairoty mail
    Email me if intersted

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