Scott Cowling dfi at CYBERHIGHWAY.NET
Sun Mar 23 15:23:36 EST 1997

Hello everyone,

Since this list is new, I guess I can get away with a "rambling post" just
to "call CQ" on the new list to get things rolling.

My best BA is currently an SX-25 Super Defiant.  It has power-supply
problems, but worked before the fireworks!  It is in pretty good condition,
too.  I even have the manual.  Anyone ever worked on one of these?

Also in the "project" class is an HQ-129X. This is not in such good shape,
and it doesn't work (don't know why, haven't fired it up).  Picked up a
manual at the last swap meet, so I am ready to go :-)  Anyone have a source
for 6SS7s?

Also in the stable are: Heath AR-3, DX-35, QF-1, HD-15; Drake C-line, 2A,
2C, 2NT, SSR-1, SPR-4; Eico 723.  I'm no heavy compared to most BA guys, but
I have fun!

So, what have you and what are you doing?

Scotty WA2DFI

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