Kenyon Modulation Transformer

Brian Carling (G3XLQ/AF4K) bry at MNSINC.COM
Sun Mar 30 03:38:56 EST 1997

On 27 Mar 97 at 16:56, Eric Woodman spoke about Kenyon Modulation
Transformer and said:

> I have a Kenyon modulation transformer type T493. Does anyone have a
> clue as to what the rating might be on this?  It was in an old
> homebrew modulator that was given to me.  It was in pretty sad shape
> so I stripped it for parts to build a new one.  The original ran two
> 6L6's so I'd be safe using the same but would like to build
> something with a bit more power if the transformer would take it.
> Thanks,
> Eric   KA1YRV

Eric, you might want to try asking Roy Morgan, K1LKY on this.
He has SOME data on transformers. Not sure whther he has Kenyon
info or not.

He's at:

morgan at
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