WRL Galaxy 300

Lawrence R. Ware lrware at PIPELINE.COM
Thu May 1 17:46:09 EDT 1997

A WRL Galaxy 300 followed me home today from the scrap yard.
Poor thing was on the way to the gorillas who pull the tubes,
then hacksaw anything interesting out before the carcass is
tossed in the dumpster...
It is complete, but seems to need an external power supply.
It also has a VOX/PTT? option module in it. (looks factory,
but I'm not sure...)
Anyone care to tell me about this poor thing? When it was made,
how well it works, etc., etc. etc, ?

Anyway, now I have to decide what to do with the poor thing.
Anyone interested? Will happily trade for something else.
Write, and lets talk about it...

Could also use a manual photocopy and/or a power supply. :-)


-Larry Ware
lrware at pipeline.com
Orlando, Florida

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