6M Crystal Wanted

Brian Carling (Radio G3XLQ / AF4K) bry at MNSINC.COM
Sun May 4 02:52:34 EDT 1997

Eric - have you managed to make any contacts on 50.4 MHz  yet?

I should be able to get on there either today or very soon with about
5-10 watts from a Gonset Communicator III if I can find a mic for it.

Regards - Bry

On 17 Apr 97 at 13:31, Eric Woodman spoke about 6M Crystal Wanted and

> Don't suppose anyone has an 8400kc crystal for 6m that they are
> willing to part with for a reasonable price? I have an Ameco TX-62
> in real nice shape but have only 2m rocks for it. Need one to get on
> 50.4mc.
> 73  Eric   KA1YRV
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