6M Activity

Eric Woodman EWoodman at AOL.COM
Sun May 4 11:24:57 EDT 1997

Hi Bry,
Don't know if you saw it yet but I posted a message about my crystal "fix"
for my TX-62. I basically plugged a series LC circuit into the crystal
holder. Got the variable and slug-tuned coil from my Knight T-150 parts rig.
It's a nice little assembly with the vernier driven variable, 3 slug-tuned
coils, and 3 trimmers. The T-150 runs on 6M with the vfo on 8Mc so the values
were perfect for what I needed. ( You may wonder why I don't use my T-150 on
6M? Works LOUSY!)  I had tried this arrangement with a crystal oscillator
many years ago and it worked miserably so I didn't expect this to work. After
fiddling a bit with the trimmer and slug the thing started to oscillate.
Seems to be pretty stable, too.  Guess I'll go with this plan until I get my
hands on an 8.4Mc rock. We've got a big hamfest comming up next weekend in
Rochester, NH which is only about a 45 min. drive from here. Will be on the
lookout for crystals as well as other goodies.

I don't have a 6M antenna either so have to do something about that. That's
one of my projects for today. Guess I'll just rig up some sort of vertical
dipole til I can pick up  a small beam at HRO this week. Maybe I'll even get
ambitious and build one.

73  Eric  KA1YRV

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