Identify gizmo?

michael silva mjsilva at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu May 8 20:01:29 EDT 1997

WB0ROQ wrote:
>I got a boatanchors gizmo at a hamfest recently and can't identify it.
>Maybe someone on the list can help. A dymo label on the side says 'QST
>Mar 1948', I assume its from that magazine. The major parts are:
>Large relay
>1 pot
>1 4pos switch
>2 phone jacks marked "A" & "M"
>1 6' cord woth a phone plug.
>Anyone have a Mar 1948 QST or know what it is?

That 6SA7 threw me off a little (I went looking for an RF thingie) but
what you have is a keyer.  The 6AS7 (not 6SA7) is used as a cathode
keyer tube (low voltage drop) while the 6SN7 is used as a one-shot (2
seconds or so) triggered off the keying and used to activate relays to
energize the transmitter power supplies.

Mike, KK6GM

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