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Bill Turner wrt at ESKIMO.COM
Fri May 16 20:55:00 EDT 1997

On Fri, 16 May 1997 07:28:15 -0700, Eric Woodman <EWoodman at AOL.COM>

>I have a friend who recently purchased a fully restored Ferret. This is a
>British military armored patrol vehicle built back in the 50's. The radio
>transciever installed in it is designated as a C-42. This covers approx. 30 -
>60 Mc and is FM (15Kc deviation). We were thinking about installing a
>different radio. I don't imagine a wide-band FM signal would be much
>appreciated on 6 meters.  We have found that a Wireless Set No. 19 or 22
>would also be historically correct as these were used in the early vehicles.
>Can anyone give me a description of these sets and whether they ever show up
>for sale?
>(He drives and I get to sit in the turret and play with the radio gear so it
>would be nice to have something usable as well as historically correct!
>That's what I call a REAL boatanchor!)
>Thanks and 73,
>Eric  KA1YRV
Sounds like you've got a neat little item there.  In the interest of
historical accuracy, I'd suggest you leave the transceiver just like
it is and turn down the mike gain to reduce the deviation.  During
receive you'll lose a little signal to noise ratio on the other guy's
signal, but on transmit no one will know the difference.

73, Bill W7TI

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