Info Wanted, Space-Matic Keyer

Dick Flanagan dick at MERLIN.LIBELLE.COM
Mon May 26 21:13:08 EDT 1997

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Twenty-five years ago a company called Data Engineering, Inc., in
Springfield, VA, was selling what was touted as being the latest and
greatest in morse keyers, their Space-Matic 21.  This was long before
memories and such, but it was iambic and had separate weight, speed and
sidetone controls.

I have one that is practically new, S/N 58.  It was used for about two
months and then packed away and never unpacked until yesterday.  Any ideas
what such a beastie would be worth today?

On a related subject, does anyone have an original manual for this keyer?

Enough for now, y'all have a nice week.  Mercifully, it's a short one.  :)

73, Dick
Dick Flanagan W6OLD CFII Minden, Nevada

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