Hy-Gain Quad

Brian Carling, Radio AF4K bry at MNSINC.COM
Fri May 30 14:39:27 EDT 1997

Gary I had one but not sure how much help I will be!

It was called the "Hybrid Quad" or "Hybrid Mini Quad"
and the model number began I THINK with HQ- something.

The driven element is a trap dipole in effect with
tese little screw-in rods, right after each trap for
"capacity hat" style loading. That's how they get it
SO small!

I had fun with mine on 15m and 10m. It is not much of
a performer on 20m.

The reflector is a narrow diamond shape with the same deal on each
end. If you need it I could draw a picture for you, BUT I suspect
some readers of this list wil have old QSTs and 73s from the
1970s with ADVERTISEMENTS for this little beast.

I rotated mine wit a TV rotor, and found it was a lot of fun,
but it's not gonna be able to bust pile-ups most of the time!

Enjoy it. I did! 73 de AF4K, Bry

On 30 May 97 at 12:02, Gary D Elliott spoke about Hy-Gain Quad and

> Greetings
> Does anybody remember/useing the old Hy-Gain Quad that was for 6
> through 20 meters.  This quad had metal arms and black insulators to
> break up the metal arms.  I have one in pieces (all there) and
> trying to figure out how this thing goes together.  Also would
> appreicate the model nr if anybody remembers.  Also does anybody
> know the web or e-mail address for Hy-Gain/Telrex ?  If I had the
> model nr would like to check and see if instructions still
> available.  Thanks
> 73 Gary K7OX
> k7ox at pipeline.com
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