BA Haunts in Reno?

Brian Carling, Radio AF4K bry at MNSINC.COM
Sat May 31 03:01:36 EDT 1997

Please let me know what you find out Dave. I am always interested in
adding to my list, available on the Internet, of the BA haunts all
over the country.

You can find the list on my web pages.

Here's what I have in Nevada so far:

David Stinson, AB5S           Phone number needed
5041 N. Maverick Street
Las Vegas, NV 89130           Dave has a few ARC-5 xmtrs & receivers
E-mail:  arc5 at   Possibly also some parts for sale.


    1. Radio World
       1656 Nevada Highway
       Boulder City, NV 89005
       (702) 294-2666
       The name is appropriate as one can find everything from marine
       to CB and from the most modern ham equipment to BAs at Radio
       World.  None of this impersonal buying of a sealed box and
       goodbye stuff one ff the large amateur chain stores.  The place
       is run by BA list member Dave Floyd who makes you feel
       immediately at home.  Four stars, worth a special trip just for
       the hospitality. (Dick Dillman)

If you are ever interested, you can search this list by state in some
cases as I lifted someone else's list that is set up that way!

The whole list is at:

Let us know what you find...
Enjoy your trip! - Bry

On 30 May 97 at 20:32, Dave spoke about BA Haunts in Reno? and said:

> Hi gang!
> I'm off to Reno on Sunday for a couple of days of R&R. I'm
> not much of a gambler, but would be happy to leave some
> money behind in a BA store!  Any places such as this in
> Reno?
> Dave WB7AWK
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