Pre-War Schematics/Manuals Needed

Dave Hollander davidh at GETNET.COM
Sun Nov 2 16:56:33 EST 1997

I acquired some new toys a few weeks ago, several pre-war receivers
(SX-9, SX-11, SX-25 and Howard 436-A)  and a couple of early post war
(RME43 and HRO5TAI).

I am looking for the manuals and or schematics for the SX-9 Super
Skyrider, SX-11 Super Skyrider and the Howard 436-A. W7FG does not have
these so I am hoping someone on the list might be able to help me. I will
gladly pay the cost of copying/postage.

Have fired up the SX-11 and it is a joy to listen to and the tuning feels
really nice for such an early radio - the magic eye tuning indicator is
slick too! Sound great on AM  and like any other early receiver on cw/ssb
( don't bump the table!). This radio will give some serious competition
to my NC-200 which up to now has been my favorite. Also fired up the
Howard and it seems to play OK but the BFO does not work. The SX-9 needs
a line cord before I attempt to do anything with it.

Does anyone on the list have any experience with these three radios? I
have one other Howard but it is still on the shelf as someone did some
questionable "re-wiring". I would be interested in any comments,
observations, etc on these three.

Tnx and 73,

Dave Hollander N7RK

P.S. I have some pix of my Elmer's 1920's station on my web page at



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