Manuals Needed

Keith Rowland k4kgw at MINDSPRING.COM
Tue Nov 4 05:14:02 EST 1997

Greetings:  Several items from the Big Shed at the Stone Mt. Club
Hamfest at Lawrenceville, GA somehow found their way into my already
over-crowded basement shop. As often seems to be the case, they were no
doubt owned at some time by technicians (no-repair persons, not
Technician Licensees!), since I have noted over a long lifetime that
many techs pride themselves on their fancied ability to fix things
without the proper documenation, and particularly claim to be able to do
so without such mundane things as schematics, alignment instructions,
and the like.

Several of the commercial vendors of manuals have these items that I
need, but the cost of the manuals exceeds the price I paid for the units
by several magnitudes.  I'll buy from them if necessary, but first, does
anyone have manuals (or faithful reproductions of same) for:

Heathkit AA-1 Audio Analyzer

SG-6 RF Signal Generator (Circuit is different from SG-7 & SG-8)

Hickock Model 610A Universal TV-FM Alignment Signal Generator (yes, I
know it's not Heathkit, but we all know that some of us Heath owners
occasionally backslide and acquire things made by other folks.)

The usual reimbursement for time, trouble, postage, etc. is offered.

Many thanks, Keith

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