Dow Bathroom Cleaner WARNING!!

Darrel L. Nichols NICHOD at DELPHI.COM
Wed Nov 5 20:32:32 EST 1997

Somebody mentioned Dow "Scubbing Bubbles" cleaner for BAs.  I've used
this stuff with wonderful sucess on a number of transmitters and other
gear, but had a bad experience with an HQ180.  It messed up the bandswitch
and some other connections plus tube sockets.  Had arcing rectifiers and
all manner of trouble.  The problem seemed to be my cautionary aplication
of the rinse cycle.  In an effort to avoid getting water into the IF cans,
I didn't wash it out well enough leaving residue.  In other words, use it,
works great. But rine the heck out of the radio and dry it a couple days
before you power it up.  Good dose of Deoxit is a good afterwards too.
And if you see any white deposits anywhere after it dries....clean it up
before you burn it up.

N0DBX   nichod at

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