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EAC purchased Hammarlund in the late '50s or early '60s and were the folks
responsible for moving the Hammarlund manufacturing plant to Mars Hill, NC
from NY. This was done to give them more manufacturing space for the R-390A
line, not to mention the cheaper labor base in the mountains of NC compared
to the NYC area. You could say EAC made R-390As are Hammarlunds.

Several years ago I met a retired NC State Trooper/ham at the Western NC
hamfest whose wife was the secretary for the plant manager at the
Hammarlund plant in Mars Hill.  I had a long conversation with him
regarding the plant and Hammarlund lore. Evidently the R-390A was the bread
and butter of EAC/Hammarlund until the defense contract ran out.  They just
couldn't survive on ham/SWL/CB sales alone and closed the doors for good in
the mid '70s.  One of the technicians in the plant, who was also a ham,
bought out the remaining parts stock and ran Blue Ridge Communications in
Waynesville, NC, until his death several years ago.

I was in the Mars Hill area this weekend but didn't think to drive through
and see if 73 Hammarlund Drive still exists.  Does anyone know if the plant
is still there?


Rick kf4ar

EAC R-390A and HQ-110C owner

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