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Jim Strohm jstrohm at TEXAS.NET
Mon Nov 10 21:12:33 EST 1997

>Thought this might be of interest to some..
>>From: Rog42 at
>>Subject: Radio & tube list
>>Date: Sun, 9 Nov 97 08:05:17 +0000
>>See attached file.
>>Thank you for requesting my TUBE & RADIO LIST.  Tubes are grouped in price
>ranges from $2.25 and up.  Prices shown are for NOS tubes.  Quality used
>tubes are also available at reduced prices.  Additional related items and
>publications follow the tube listings.  Ordering and payment information is
>at the end of the list.  Quantities are limited - please confirm
>availability before ordering.  E-mail Rog42 at  Revised 11-8-97 and
>supercedes all previous lists.
>>$2.25 Tubes:


Was that REALLY necessary on this list?

I'm one of the fortunate few with a high-speed, flat-rate hookup.
Frankly, I'd be severely PISSED if that were not the case and I'd
had to receive all that at a low baud rate.

Please have some consideration for others.  ASK if people are interested,
THEN send the list individually.

Next time, I'm coming after you with a wouff hong!!


BTW, those prices mostly SUCK.

Jim Strohm
jstrohm at

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