Discussion of the HP 608x signal generator?

Tom Norris badger at TELALINK.NET
Tue Nov 11 12:04:54 EST 1997

At 05:43 AM 11/11/97 -0500, you wrote:
>The HP 608 was de facto standard in electrical engineering laboratories for
>decades, including that in which a man was put on the moon.  Too bad it
>couldn't have wound up in a more appreciative home; it deserves better than
>some ignoramus worried that his new "toy" might be a "pain" to play with.

Not like I am gong to set in on the bench and just twirl the knobs..... It
WILL be going
 to a very appropriate home: right on the bench next to the URM25D and will
use both
every time I need to repair my room full of boatanchors as needed. The
"toy" and other
appreciative terms were due to the fact I have not been able to afford a
608 of any kind,
even at hamfest prices. Now I have one, and am rather excited that I have
one, and never
had an HP generator, I was looking for input and caveats. The "pain" was
more to the effect
of " what special care will it need to keep it going?"

I personally like the older gear for working on my HF stuff. I have use of
a variety of modern
service monitors from work that I am at liberty to check out and sign for
and use. Most are
poor performers on AM/CW expecially at HF and lower freqs -- they all seem
to put out way
too much digital noise on their outputs. The bend new Motorola 2600 seems
to worst of the
bunch and it is a $20K service instrument. We mainly use our test gear at
work with FM
so the amplitude noise is not a factor. Plus the older gear is easier and
just plain more FUN
to use.

So, no, it will not be wasted.




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