Source of Curtis 8044ABM ICs

al parker al_parker at KACC.COM
Mon Nov 17 04:25:29 EST 1997

     Jim, et al,
        I picked up a card from the following at a swapfest some time
     ago, they said they had many old ICs.  I have never tried them out,
     so it may not help you, but worth a try.

     Just In Time IC's
     Fremont, CA
     ph. 510 490 1377
     email justintime at
     web pg

     I have no connect with, or further knowledge of, them.

     73, Al, W8UT  al_parker at
     Dublin, CA

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Subject: Source of Curtis 8044ABM ICs
>>Does anyone know of a source of unused Curtis 8044ABM ICs for buildi ng a
keyer?  Mouser used to carry them but says that Curtis has stopped making
them.  Is the TiCK keyer chips the only ones being manufactured these days?


     Jim Rybak  W0KSD

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