"AM" vs. DSB

William Gode wiley at INTERACCESS.COM
Tue Nov 18 09:02:41 EST 1997

Kevin Pease wrote:

>As far as I have always known DSB is AM and DSBSC is double sideband
>supressed carier. An HT-32 or HT-37 on DSB with carier inserted is AM and
>with no carier is DSBSC. the HT-37,HT-32 DSB is en excelent low level AM a
>perfect alternative to High Level Plate Modulation and capable of 100
>percent modulation.

I agree with Kevin's comment, above...except my HT-37 puts out ZIP
in DSB mode if the carrier isn't brought up with the drive control.
"DSB" is low-level AM, or nothing in an HT-37.  One might be able to
generate "DSBSC" with other SSB transmitters, but not with an HT-37.

As to the other fellow who said that very few HT-32s or HT-37s were used
on AM...the HT-37 is one of the best sounding BA SSB transmitters on AM.
It lacks a little low-end response due to the deliberate filtering used
to improve unwanted sideband supression with the phasing method of SSB
generation, but it results in a nice, clean AM signal - especially when
balanced with a smooth-response dynamic microphone.

The only "DSBSC" rig I can remember was that junky thing from WRL back
in the mid-sixties.  It transmitted DSB with no carrier because they
were too cheap to put in either a filter, or phase-shift network!


Bill, W9NHQ

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