BA SWAP LIST Ripped off

Ron Bracklow n6pww at GTE.NET
Tue Nov 18 21:59:56 EST 1997

You know what Gentlemen.

All that is fine, until you are the one that got ripped off, flamed or
otherwise been made a fool of. Then let's see how the shoe fits!

How about a little sensitivity here guys.

Thank you all,

Ron, N6PWW
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From: Tom Norris <badger at TELALINK.NET>
Date: Tuesday, November 18, 1997 6:48 PM
Subject: BA SWAP LIST Ripped off

>>Yesterday's complaint by one of us about having been ripped off brought
>>several excuses for the offender and some blame for the one who had
>>gotten ripped off.
>I am not going to play "moral cop" here, but would not a better way of
>presenting the problem be something such as "Does anyone know how to
>get in touch with Robert Fowle?" or words to that effect.
>I had a similar situation a few months ago when I had promised to send a
>check off for a manual copy ( very small amount ) The person who sent the
>manual after not hearing from me sent a very acidic letter that did about
>except question my lineage. Not a simple "Have you forgotten?"
>He went on and on and on.....
>At the time, I was in the hospital. Had what amounted to a light stroke
>on by stress. And I am 35 and in good health other wise.
>I was lucky that the person in question didnt post on all lists I was on
>and all
>newgroups the "KA4RKT is a CROOK!!! Do NOT deal with him!!!"
>He didnt and offered great apology for the fit he threw, and was very nice
>to me otherwise after that.
>Messages do slip throught the cracks, and the message regarding the
>transaction may have just gotten deleted, waiting for the "rippee" to send
>said "have you forgotten" traffic.
>Of course that is just my opinion. And like... errrr... elbows, most of us
>have one... :-)
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