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Dave Rickmers rickets at EARTHLINK.NET
Thu Nov 20 18:55:48 EST 1997

>What you get from New Sensor is a modern Chinese manufactured
>approximation, which tubes are well known to blow up when used in high
>voltage, high-current circuits (like the Dynaco Mk-III).
These are advertised as "improved" and they are guaranteed.

>Bet that they are Chinese not British, though.
Bet the British sold their tube making equipment to somebody behind the
"Iron Curtain"...

>They even have ceramic tube sockets for $1.50, as opposed to the $12
>by several audiophile concerns. Even have gold-plated ceramic sockets of
>various sizes
>that are reasonably priced for new sockets. Most likely made in China, but
>Their tube prices ( non-audiophile) are not "that" bad but I am cheap and
>buy a lot of
>my tubes used from Fair Radio..... :-)
I don't work for New Sensor but I do have an interest in keeping them
around.  They have JAN tubes, Sprague high Voltage capacitors, transformers,
etc.  True, they are geared toward musicians; but they have decent prices
and they are nice folks.  (BTW, they sell the Tesla KT-88, acclaimed as the
best sounding high-power audio tube available today;  and the low power 300B
for the triode freaks, too.)
If you have a service shop, request their commercial catalog; the prices are
significantly lower.

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