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William Gode wiley at INTERACCESS.COM
Mon Nov 24 12:36:13 EST 1997

>Let me add another issue to this valuable discussion:
>If one is looking for the best combination of AM and CW performance, which
>of the receivers of this genre and vintage stand out? Opinions?
>Mark -- WA9ETW

Mark and Group,

Of the many boatanchor receivers that have come into (and left) my shack,
my vote goes to the National HRO-60 with Central Electronics Slicer.
AM sounds splendid, it's very stable and smooth-tuning and the addition
of the Slicer (with phasing detection) makes SSB sound truly excellent.
If the Slicer has the built-in Q-Multiplier, things get even better in
the face of QRM.  The thing that most amazed me was that the AGC time
constants in the HRO-60 are nearly perfect for SSB reception...if one
doesn't mind a fairly fast decay.

For what it's worth, I prefer a well-aligned HQ-170A to an NC-303 as a
combo-AM/SSB receiver and like my Collins R-390 (not A) for AM-only use.
My favorite all-purpose *modern* receiver is the Drake R8.

With any receiver, proper attention should be paid to the speaker.  I
have yet to find anything that sounds better than a Hallicrafters R-46B.
The big National speakers are a close second, but the Hammarlund speakers
sound awful...and might be the reason many prefer the "sound" of Nationals
over Hammarlunds!


Bill, W9NHQ
wiley at

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