Help with SX-96

Mike G. Lichtman MLicht103 at AOL.COM
Sat Oct 4 21:03:44 EDT 1997

I recently purchased a SX-96 over the net. Due to the condition of rcvr being
not quite what the other party said,
I am looking for several parts or a parts rcvr containing these parts in good
   1. The entire aluminum control panel under the knobs has
       been wiped clean of all markings. I need either a
       replacement panel or information on who can
       silkscreen my old panel.
   2. The S - meter cover is yellowed and shattered. So I
        either need a replacement cover or a replacement
       meter. The cover or meter from the SX-99 and SX-100
       were identical and would fit if someone has one.
 I am willing to pay a fair price and shipping if you can help me out. Please
reply by E-mail to tchrme at
                Thank you and 73, Mike KF6KXG

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