Help Needed on R390A

Dave Rickmers rickets at EARTHLINK.NET
Tue Oct 14 16:48:46 EDT 1997

At 08:57 14-10-97 -0700, you wrote:
....just a spline
>wrench brazed into the end of a 10 or 12 inch piece of tubing and
>fitted with a handle or some such equivalent.

Xcelite sells the correct "Bristo" (actually "Bristol") wrench for the knobs
and gear clamps.  A full service electronics store should have access to
them.  Mine goes in the "Service Master" handle series and is marked
"99-66".  This wrench/driver works a little better than a spline wrench.
BTW: after my Dad passed away last winter I was going through his tool box
and found 2 of the original "L" handle wrenches that snap into the holder on
the back of the radio!  I should've asked him, instead of driving around all
day like a madman, looking for the Bristol wrench (which I found at
Electrotex, on Richmond, in Houston).

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