Help ID this Collins-made BA goodie!

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Greetings all,

Perhaps you've already gotten this response, but there is actually a review of this
beast in the June, 1996 issue of Electric Radio, on page 30.

Dennis Gibbs
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Greetings gang,

I have a piece of R390-related gear that is a curiosity to me (maybe others
here too). Can any of you folks ID this unit by the points I've given below?
These are from memory. Unit tucked safely away in a 19" rack at home. To wit:

Same physical size as an R390/390A; made by Collins; no front panel tag;
seems to be both transmitter exciter and receiver converter for FSK, PWM,
CW, AM phone; missing its PTO (darn it!); has 455 kc IF input; terminal
strip on back for connecting to transmitter tuning device or something like
that (about 20 wires or so); 50 ohm BNC RF output connector; and a reference
on inside label to an 'O-152/URA-13'. Other lesser points cannot be exactly
recalled so far.

. . .

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