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Brian Carling bry at MNSINC.COM
Fri Oct 17 06:31:22 EDT 1997

Several months ago there was a great series of articles about
old tyme radio experiences in the UK, CCF, Surplus shops in the West
End, Soho and the like

I NEVER saw any answers to this particular one posted by

woodtown at (Angus Graham)

Does anyone have a CLUE as to the answers to the things he raises in
this most unusual and rollicking article? (grin!)

Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 18:50:36 +0000

> I bought an R1155 in Lisle Street in about 1954 for 2.10.6d.

That is is interesting, but some of you, older 'hams' must remember
the super surplus store with the "ladies-for-sale-for-your-pleasure"
shop, literally right next door (and perhaps over-the-top) somewhere
down Lisle street?

I had an interview about 30-odd years ago, away from school, with AEI
(relax, I didn't take it) and after this I met up with my school-mate
"Flogger" Harris (no, I don't remember why) to cruise the surplus

Anyway, there was this super store down Lisle Street, full of piles
(why are there no typographical controls on usergroups?) of super Rxs.

Knowing my mate, he would have been looking for a pair of 805s or
KT88s for his guitar amp (he were pretty good), but this fabulous YL,
literally on the door-next-door, offered me a pair of 36Ds and
directly-heated as such!

Trouble was, I had never operated in this mode and the instruction
manual was not even in the school library (I was at boarding school)
so I was flumoxed (not in the spell-checker) at such an opportunity (I
know, lots of clever-dicks amongst you) so I let it pass (it were a
lot more expensive than a R1155 at £2.10.6!).

In retrospect, had I been able to 'seize' this opportunity I might not
have let my call lapse THREE times (was it booze, women, sex,
roll'n'roll, marijuana [fun for those on DejaNews, that!] I forget
each time) but having taken the morse test THREE times (you couldn't
"keep a hand free" for the key, working with that lot), old times
(like the 'scrap the morse test') are here to stay!!

Seriously, there must be older (and richer people) obviously with
calls further down the alphabet than mine (I've seen you < on the
usergroup < who knows, perhaps even G2s?) who might have taken
negotiations further than I was able to at my tender age, who can
associate this this site with this surplus store, and remember its
name < please let us know!

Regards, I promise not to go to Lisle Street again,

Angus Graham, G3TXL

For the rest of the story on these and other nostalgic questions, see:

Bry, G3XLQ

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