National Canoe Anchor found, PRM-10 meter needed.

Tom Norris badger at TELALINK.NET
Sat Oct 18 18:52:33 EDT 1997

Went to the Nashville area antique radio swap meet that AB Bonds
posted about last week. Not a lot in the way of BA's there, though I
was not very surprised.

I did find a National SW-54.  In fact there were 2 there, but
I let someone else get the other one.   Cute little radio, though
performance is what I might expect for an AA5 radio design.
I like the "imitation bandspread" control on the front though. LOL.
Wonder what they were thinking with that design?

Someone on BA had a www page with a photo of one of these,
but couldnt find it...

Also found a PRM-10 GDO there in good shape sans meter.
Anyone have a meter for this thing? Plain old 2.5" meter though
those that have one of these let me know the correct meter
value needed. ( 50 ua?? 1 ma?? )

Found a few more things, and will post a seperate message
on those later if the mood hits.



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