Callsign Check

Adam McLaughlin kd6poc at JPS.NET
Wed Sep 3 22:05:50 EDT 1997

Dear BA fans,

I recently worked NN50CIA on 40 CW. Does anybody recognize this call? Is it
a Mars station, as I have guessed? The call could have been NNH0CIA or
NNV0CIA. The op wasn't too deft on the key, and sent several variations. I
did hear NN50CIA the most, though. This leads me to believe that this was
the correct callsign.

He mentioned having a KB4 as a QSL manager. Anybody else know anything else
about this?

Thanks for the help. . .


Adam McLaughlin KD6POC
QRG: 7037 Kcs & 7014 Kcs (DX Only)
kd6poc at

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