Callsign Check

M. Monninger markem at PRIMENET.COM
Wed Sep 3 15:22:56 EDT 1997

I believe it's a special event station for the 50th anniversary of the CIA
(hence the 50 and the CIA in the callsign). There was something about it in
the latest QST.

73...   Mark    AA7TA

At 07:05 PM 9/3/97 -0700, Adam McLaughlin wrote:
>Dear BA fans,
>I recently worked NN50CIA on 40 CW. Does anybody recognize this call? Is it
>a Mars station, as I have guessed? The call could have been NNH0CIA or
>NNV0CIA. The op wasn't too deft on the key, and sent several variations. I
>did hear NN50CIA the most, though. This leads me to believe that this was
>the correct callsign.
>He mentioned having a KB4 as a QSL manager. Anybody else know anything else
>about this?
>Thanks for the help. . .
>Adam McLaughlin KD6POC
>QRG: 7037 Kcs & 7014 Kcs (DX Only)
>kd6poc at

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